Gay Marriage Plebiscite Is Dividing Australia

Now that enrolments for voting on the plebiscite are winding up the debate is in full swing regarding the rights of gay people to marry. Families are equally at odds with each other as the younger folk cannot see why those of the same gender who love each other should not have the same rights as heterosexual couples. Many parents, who are more traditional, are standing firm on their insistence that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Led to study the bible from cover to cover and to understand the nature of God as the Great Spirit of the Universe my take on this is different. With memory of reincarnation and of being a man in my last life and a woman in this one I can understand the confusion over one’s sexuality when they have been brain-washed by religious leaders.

Marriage as a subject is not raised anywhere other than in the New Testament that was written by the Catholic Church. It is a sacrament within that religion, which was the first Christian faith, and it was established by Constantine in 325 AD.

As reincarnation demonstrates there is no heaven or hell and this is supported by the Prophecies in the Old Testament. In Isaiah 34:4 God promises that all the host of heaven will fall down. This is in stark contrast to what the Vatican preachers which claims to hold the keys to heaven. It also proposes that anyone not of its faith will go to hell. These are lies.

While the priests use them to drag people into its clusters they are doing the work of Constantine, who is 666 in Revelation 13″12-18. This is the man who has captured the world in an iron grip and the establishment is based on his 3 principles of religion, law, and money.

This religion and its sacrament are evil. They are based on nothing but sun-worship and the Mother God, Mary, of Babylon (Revelation 17:5). The trick the religion engages in is to change the nature of God into a Trinity and the so-called murder of Jesus Christ was designed to add credibility to it.

The New Testament was written by Jerome on the orders of Damasis, the then bishop of Rome. His diaries contain his methods for collecting stories, changing passages in what became the Old Testament, and promoting the religion as the only true faith.

God has all Catholics in its sights. Disasters and mass murders are targeting them and the evil that spews from the doors of churches is catching out their lies in the number of pedophiles it protects.

While many who are strong supporters of its tenets oppose gay marriage the reason they give is to protect the Catholic sacrament. It’s time to do away with it and let people who are in love cherish each other within a legal status that protects partners and gives them inheritance rights.

The hatred exhibited by some who see homosexuals as evil need a wake up call abut the religions they follow. Having a preference for same-sex relationships is about reincarnation into a different sex and not about personal choice.

Religious Discrimination: Not Always A Piece of Cake

Religious Bigotry or Gender Discrimination?

We’ve all apprehend about the chef or columnist who refuses casework to the gay alliance couple. In the affray of aboveboard captivated behavior of “right and wrong,” anyone will get hurt. One such case will be absitively in the 2017-18 appellation by the U.S. Supreme Court.

A Colorado chef banned to adapt a alliance block for a gay brace based on his religious aesthetics that homosexual alliance is sinful, and he should not be accountable to accurate approval of the alliance around by his alertness of an account [the cake, and absolutely likely, the bulletin accounting on the cake] adulatory the marriage. The Colorado cloister disqualified for the gay couple. The baker’s block is now served up on address to the Supreme Court.

Religious Bigotry May Depend on How You Slice It.

Society’s appearance on the appropriate of homosexuals to access aforementioned sex marriages has confused rapidly over the decade. This amount of cultural change is amazing. California, for example, went from a built-in alteration attached alliance to adverse sex bodies to getting accountable by its State Supreme Cloister to acquiesce such marriages. The U.S. Supreme Cloister afterwards disqualified that the due action article and 14th alteration of the federal Constitution belted the States from abstinent alliance licenses to aforementioned sex couples. Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S. ___ (2015).

Is a alliance block an announcement of acceptance that, if compelled, would be a abuse of the baker’s religious alternative beneath the First Amendment? Justice William Brennan in Sherbert v. Verner (1963) stated: “The aperture of the Chargeless Exercise Article stands deeply bankrupt adjoin any authoritative adjustment of religious beliefs. Government may neither bulldoze affirmation of a abhorrent belief, nor amerce or discriminate adjoin individuals or groups because they authority religious angle abhorrent to the authorities, nor apply the demanding ability to arrest the broadcasting of a accurate religious views.”

The Chef [Jack Phillips, the buyer of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado] states that he angle the use of his cakes as messages, and that some letters breach his religious beliefs. He has written: “And that aphorism applies to far added than cakes adulatory same-sex marriages. I aswell will not use my talents to bless Halloween, anti-American or anti-family themes, atheism, racism, or indecency.” The Denver Post .

The photography and alliance block cases are acclaimed from arrant homophobic bent by the “expressive” bulletin the autograph and/or images project. The business humans who debris to actualize these expressions do so because the announcement is adverse to their religious belief. Likewise, their religious acceptance is adverse to those who are banned the appurtenances or casework the businesses provide.

Religious Bigotry or Religious Freedom?: Tough Questions for the Court.

Rights bang in a autonomous society. The appropriate of chargeless accent collides adjoin the accessible assurance if the accent is assertive to could cause commotion and afterlife to innocent people. The appropriate to “bear arms” is bound by laws acute the allotment of weapons afterwards a accomplishments check. The accepted “wedding cake” altercation will crave the cloister to antithesis two alienated civic values: the abandon to marry, and the abandon of religion.

The Supreme Cloister has afresh put itself in the role of umpiring a civic action that raises abundant questions:

  • Is the icing on the block a anatomy of governmentally accountable announcement adverse to the baker’s religious freedom?
  • Is the icing on the block the baker’s announcement of approval of gay marriage, or artlessly a artefact blueprint he delivers for announcement by the purchaser?
  • Is the icing on the block abhorrent to the chef to the amount that it is an advance aloft his religious convictions?
  • Is the icing on the block readily accessible from added bakers not accepting the aforementioned religious aesthetics as Phillips?
  • Which religious behavior arete First Alteration protections and which will be accounted unconstitutional?
  • Which religious practices does a chargeless autonomous association adjudge to be forms of actionable discrimination?

In acclamation these questions, the U.S. Supreme Cloister will accept to adjudge whether the icing on the block is a anatomy of announcement that disproportionately restricts Phillips’s abandon of religion. Is Phillips actual that he is somehow affected to accept homosexual alliance by advancing a block for the wedding? Is the act of applying a bulletin on a block his acceptance of the bulletin as his own? Is his baking accord in a commemoration he finds abhorrent to his religious conviction? Repugnancy and abhorrence assume to be in abounding accumulation by both parties to the case. If the Cloister makes the call, there will booing from one ancillary or the added aural the amphitheater of ideas.